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Introducing our terrifying Woodcut style scary clown face image, perfect for adding a spine-chilling element to your projects. This creepy clown face captures the essence of a nightmarish circus performer, with its haunting woodcut style rendering. Whether you're working on a Halloween-themed design, or need to add a frightful touch to a promotional campaign, this royalty-free stock image is sure to send shivers down the spine. The exaggerated features and menacing expression of the clown create a sense of unease, making it ideal for use in horror-themed material or graphic design projects. Download this vector image today and unleash the fear-inducing power of this bone-chilling woodcut style scary clown face.


clown; circus; fair; fun; scary; juggle; jokes; entertainment; freaks; juggling; humor; performance; fool; foolish; actors; woodcut; vector; nightmare

Woodcut style scary clown face.

  • RPG JPG file of 450 dpi.

    CYMK EPS10 Vector File. 

  • Royalty Free

    All rights, all media, worldwide in perpetuity.

    Not to be resold or bundled for sale as stock art on other sites in conflict or competition with this site.  

    If there is to be a credit posted please acknowledge the artist. 

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