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This powerful stock image captures the essence of movement and transition, with a woodcut expressionist style depiction of a crowd of people passing through an opening in a wall. The stark black and white linocut print adds a sense of urgency and drama to the image, highlighting themes of immigration, fear, hope, and freedom. The visual imagery is evocative of the challenges and obstacles faced by refugees and migrants as they seek a better life, making it a compelling and thought-provoking choice for editorial use or storytelling projects. Whether it be a representation of the struggle for freedom or a commentary on the barriers and blockages faced by communities, this stock image holds a powerful message that will resonate with a wide audience.


woodcut; expressionist; linocut; print; black; death; refugee; migrant; wall; blockage; gate; immigration; fear; hope; people; crowd; march; mexico; united states; freedom

People passing through a wall Stock Image

  • RPG JPG file of 450 dpi.

    CYMK EPS10 Vector File. 

  • Royalty Free

    All rights, all media, worldwide in perpetuity.

    Not to be resold or bundled for sale as stock art on other sites in conflict or competition with this site.  

    If there is to be a credit posted please acknowledge the artist. 

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