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Enhance the vintage glamour and sophistication of your design projects with this elegant woodcut style image featuring a dapper man in a classic zoot suit, standing next to a perfectly poured martini. This royalty-free illustration captures the essence of old-school charm and style, making it a perfect choice for advertising campaigns, retro-themed publications, and cocktail-related content. The intricate details and bold lines of the artwork add a touch of authenticity and character to any project, while the timeless appeal of the subject matter ensures its versatility in a wide range of creative endeavors. Whether you're working on a period piece, a themed event promotion, or simply seeking a unique visual element for your project, this high-quality image is sure to make a lasting impression. Download now and add a touch of vintage flair to your designs with this captivating woodcut style illustration.

Martini and man in Zoot Suit

  • RPG JPG file of 450 dpi.

    CYMK EPS10 Vector File. 

  • Royalty Free

    All rights, all media, worldwide in perpetuity.

    Not to be resold or bundled for sale as stock art on other sites in conflict or competition with this site.  

    If there is to be a credit posted please acknowledge the artist. 

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