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This royalty-free stock image depicts a woodcut expressionist style scene of a crowd of people working together to scale a cliff. The black and white linocut print captures the spirit of teamwork, unity, and determination as the group of individuals ascend the rugged terrain. This image is perfect for illustrating concepts such as poverty, union, refugee, immigration, and the collective effort of overcoming challenges. Whether used for editorial purposes, social media, or advertising, this powerful image conveys a sense of perseverance and cooperation in the face of adversity. Add depth and meaning to your project with this striking representation of human resilience and the journey towards a better future.


woodcut; expressionist; linocut; print; black; poverty; union; work; refugee; immigration; teamwork; team; journey; travel; poor; people; competition

Crowd Scaling a Cliff Stock Image

  • RPG JPG file of 450 dpi.

    CYMK EPS10 Vector File. 

  • Royalty Free

    All rights, all media, worldwide in perpetuity.

    Not to be resold or bundled for sale as stock art on other sites in conflict or competition with this site.  

    If there is to be a credit posted please acknowledge the artist. 

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