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Wind linocut 11" x8" 1/2  . On 188 GSM White Jack Richeson Paper. 


Older linocut which I had digitzed to sell as stock imagery. I only just recently located the lino and pulled these prints. So you may find digital varients online in different places. Rest assured I am the artist of them and this print was created and pulled by me as part of a print batch for sale on this site. 


There is some varitation on each print which is part of the beautiful nature of block printing. There might be light spots or chatter that vary from print to print. Examples of the varitions you might find are in the photos here of three different prints of the same block. Nothing I sell I would not put on my own wall.  


- j  

North Wind Linocut Print

  • 8 1/2" x 11" 

    White 188 GSM Jack Richeson Paper 

    Oil Based Ink

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